November 2012 Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting

November 2012 Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting

November 7th, 2012 11:30am

Attendance: 16

Members: 10
Non-Members: 6


Business Meeting:

The chapter president Jerilyn Billings called the meeting to order at 11:45am.

1. New Chapter Bank
The chapter membership voted to change banks to Sunflower bank during and after the last meeting in September.  Sunflower Bank won in a 7 to 6 vote against Intrust Bank.  

Ross discussed that the chapter membership had ~$1600 in the bank and that the change would be a benefit for a few reasons, especially the online banking abilities.  Jerilyn and Ross set up a new chapter account at Sunflower bank on Monday November 5th, 2012 and Ross will transfer the money and close out the account at Southwest on Friday November 9th, 2012. 


2. National NWA Cost of membership has changed.
Jerilyn discussed that an e-mail was sent out stating that the national membership dues have increased from $45 a year to $50 a year. 

a. Jerilyn also reminded the chapter that per the by-laws the President must be a member in both the national chapters of the AMS and the NWA

b. The remainder of the officers are required to be in either be a paying member of the national AMS OR NWA. 

All of those up for 2013 officers election must know and accept this prior to being elected.


3. Officers Election 2013
A quorum of 1/4 of the membership must be present for an officers election.  The current membership as of this meeting is 26 members.  Thus there would need to be 7 members present in order to conduct the election at the meeting.  With 10 members present the election went on as scheduled. 

Jerilyn printed up a list that was passed out to those members that included the list of those running for office and for the vice president office a quick bio about the candidates. 

Jerilyn stated that Lorrie Donham had served the chapter for many years and has decided to not run this year.  The chapter thanked Lorrie for her service to the chapter. 

Elections were held by paper ballot.  Ross and Jerilyn counted the votes and the results were:

President: Jerilyn Billings - 10 votes
Vice President: Craig McPherson - 6 votes   (Runner-up Debra Hahn - 4 votes)
Secretary: J. Harvey Koehn - 10 votes
Treasurer: Ross Janssen - 10 votes

The new officers accept their positions and will serve starting January 1, 2013. 


4. New Business:

a. Lorrie Donham motioned to have the chapter help pay the chapter president's national chapter dues.
Reasoning: The President is required to be a member of both the AMS and the NWA while the remaining officers only have to be a member of one or the other.  She clarified that this should be the membership to the national chapter that is the largest. 

Ross Janssen Seconded the motion.  Those present voted and all present voted aye, with no nays. 

This will go into effect for 2013 with the highest membership being the national AMS chapter. 


b. There was a question about hosting another conference.  Jerilyn deferred to Ken Cook who was in attendance.  He said he had not heard of any conferences in the planing, mainly due to the NWS employees travel budget being cut and them not being able to attend.  Dave Freeman, who sits on the board of the national NWA membership stated that when the NWS cut funding to those NWS employees attending the national chapter meeting in October, those planning were very concerned with being able to fund the meeting.  Until this is rectified, local chapter conferences will be limited or put on hold.  The Northern Plains conference is in limbo and there has been no talk of a High Plains Conference in the upcoming year. 


End of Business Meeting 11:57


Jerilyn introduced the presenter for the meeting Eric Schminke.  Eric gave a presentation on the Drought of 2012, how it developed and how it impacted Kansas.  After the presentation the chapter had a question and answer time with presenter Eric. 


The Presentation ended 12:45pm. 

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