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Many of the Pictures above are courtesy of Jim Reed, (Jim Reed Photography)

July 2012 ANS/NWA Meeting

Wichita Chapter AMS/NWA
Minutes of the July 10, 2012
Business Meeting


            President Jerilyn Billings called the meeting to order.

            Treasurer Ross Janssen reported a bank account balance of $1099.44.

February 2012 Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting

AMS/NWA, Wichita Chapter meeting



Pres. Billings called the board meeting to order.

Those in attendance were Jerilyn Billings, Ross Janssen, Lorrie Donham, and J. Harvey Koehn


Bank considerations report via Ross Janssen:

currently banking at Southwest National Bank

other banks Ross researched included Sunflower Bank, Credit Union of America, and Emprise Bank.


Pres. Billings announced that the High Plains Conf. cancelled because of budget considerations.

The Chaser Quest Project


Note: The Wichita AMS/NWA President was contacted by the following group.  This information is not related to the Wichita AMS/NWA chapter.  See the information below.


We are looking for energetic meteorologists and
videographers to serve as the cast and crew in our
brand new documentary webseries.

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