The Chaser Quest Project


Note: The Wichita AMS/NWA President was contacted by the following group.  This information is not related to the Wichita AMS/NWA chapter.  See the information below.


We are looking for energetic meteorologists and
videographers to serve as the cast and crew in our
brand new documentary webseries.

Ever dream of being a storm chaser or filming some of the most violent weather on the
planet? Now is your chance! The Chaser Quest Project is a different type of chasing
program. Unlike other programs that portray storm chasing, we will not focus on the
death and destruction tornadoes can bring but will show the positive aspects of the Great
Plains such as the food and the culture. Of course there will be storm chasing as well but
we will not engage in some of the most dangerous storm chasing maneuvers such as core
punching. While there is no guarantee we will see any tornadoes (let’s hope we do), it is
guaranteed to be the adventure of a lifetime. We are currently raising money ($50,000) on
Kickstarter (
ref=card) to fund the filming of this project and should we succeed in funding the project,
we will need to fill the following six positions:

Radar Technician                    Head Videographer
Assistant Meteorologist          Assistant Videographer
Driver, Red Lightning               Driver, Blue Thunder


See this link for more information The Chaser Quest Project

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