July 2012 ANS/NWA Meeting

Wichita Chapter AMS/NWA
Minutes of the July 10, 2012
Business Meeting


            President Jerilyn Billings called the meeting to order.

            Treasurer Ross Janssen reported a bank account balance of $1099.44.

            Some update and discussion followed on the possible bank change.  Ross is still waiting to hear back from one of the banks. Two banks under consideration are Sunflower Bank and Emprise Bank.  Once all the information is in chapter members will have the opportunity to vote via e-mail.

            The group discussed the September meeting.  In the past, when there has been a picnic, the turnout has not been good. 

            The September meeting for this year will be indoors and the group decided to have a guest speaker.  Mike Smith offered to speak and offered a location.  The meeting will be in the downtown Bank of America building; there will be an optional meal at 6:30 and the meeting and program will be at 7:00.

            There was some brief final discussion on the changes in the chapter  by-laws.  They are available on-line.

            There was no new business.

            The meeting was adjourned.

            Note:  There were 23 people in attendance.


The Program


            Randy Duncan,  Sedgwick County Emergency Manager, presented an excellent program on the April 14, 2012 storm and tornado.


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