Minutes from the July 15th, 2010 Meeting of the Wichita AMS/NWA

(July 2010 Minutes)

July 2010 Newsletter (July 2010 Newsletter)

  • Total Attendance: 19
  • Member Attendance: 17


President Rob Cox called the meeting to order.
Rob announced that it was his last day as he is moving to the National Weather Service’s Cheyenne office. The Vice President is not currently available. So, on a temporary basis, Secretary Mike Smith is taking over the President’s duties until the regular election later in the year.
Current chapter activities are focusing on hosting the 2011 High Plains Weather Conference in Wichita next summer. Ken Cook of the NWS has begun the planning process.  Mike Smith said he would look into hotels [[Addendum: We have received an extremely competitive bid from the Wichita Marriott to extend the government per diem rate of $84/night to all guests.]]
Lori and Stephanie are reviewing our 1995 by-laws and will report on any revisions that might be needed.
Rob introduced our speaker, Dr. Erik Rasmussen. Dr. Rasmussen’s presentation was titled, “What Is Left to Learn About Tornadoes.” It explained, beginning with the tornado and working backward in the development cycle to the atmospheric conditions conductive to them, what we still have to learn.  The presentation can be found on his web site: www.rasmsys.com/ .
Questions and answers followed. 
Chance Hayes requested a round of applause for Rob and, as his final act, Rob adjourned the meeting. 



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