February 2012 Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting

AMS/NWA, Wichita Chapter meeting



Pres. Billings called the board meeting to order.

Those in attendance were Jerilyn Billings, Ross Janssen, Lorrie Donham, and J. Harvey Koehn


Bank considerations report via Ross Janssen:

currently banking at Southwest National Bank

other banks Ross researched included Sunflower Bank, Credit Union of America, and Emprise Bank.


Pres. Billings announced that the High Plains Conf. cancelled because of budget considerations.

  • Only people voting who have paid local chapter dues.
  • Board members are to be members of the NWA (National Weather Assoc.).
  • National dues are $45.00 for Regular Members, $18.00 for Student/Retired and Active Military.

There was a discussion to increase number of meetings from four to six.  For the business meeting portion suggested to change wording to a “minimum of four (4) business meetings” per year.


Article IX:  Parliamentary Authority

     Add a Robert’s Rules of Order section.


Business Meeting

     Pres. Billings called the meeting to order at 1845.


Treasurer’s Report

Ross Janssen, balance of ~$1250

Bank shopping report:

   Goal is to move away from SW Nat’l Bank.

   Sunflower Bank under consideration; minimum balance req’d - - $750.00

   Credit Union of America; minimum balance of $100 and a savings account.

   Emprise Bank:  $500 minimum.

   Question about looking into Intrust Bank from a member; requirements summarized.


Announcement:  High Plains Conference canceled because of budget l imitations.

Handout to choose meeting (program) preferences.

Discussion of the by-laws

     Pres. Billings read through the particulars of the proposed by-laws.

     Voting by secret ballot was held.

New Business

There were no new business items.



JHK/Dick Elder m/s to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Dick Elder’s presentation about his career in meteorology

ASOS = Automated Surface Observing Station

Submitted by J. Harvey Koehn, Secretary


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